Guest Information

All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. 


Golf attire:

Collared shirts (tucked in) worn with pants or Bermuda length shorts are considered appropriate attire for gentlemen and boys. Collared shirts worn with skirts, Bermuda length shorts, or pants are considered appropriate attire for ladies and girls. Tee shirts, shorts or skirts, shorter than 4" above the knee, blue jeans, or "cargo" type pants/shorts are not considered proper attire. Caps must be worn bill forward. Champaign Country Club is a Soft Spike only course.

Clubhouse attire:

Having a specific dress code that covers the Club’s wide range of events is difficult, if not impossible.  Therefore, we ask that guests dress appropriately for the occasion and the location in the club.  Please keep in mind that people of all ages are not welcome in the clubhouse dressed in bathing suits, other pool wear, tee shirts, gym clothes and other inappropriate attire.  Gentlemen and boys are reminded that hats and caps are not to be worn inside.  We recognize that the world today is more casual than ever before.  At the same time, we request a respect for the traditions that help create an environment we all appreciate.